McKeesport Tiger Band Alumni Directory
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David Dujmic    1982
Deborah A. Dujmic   (Harris)    1981
Cheryl Larson  (Kovack)  1983
Al Tokarsky 1970
Cathy Kozlowski (Cole) -Class of 1975
Jenny (Spate) Wunderley  Class of 2000
Erin (Chadwick) Holsinger Class of 1999
Leah Henderson  Class of 2000
Max Holsinger Class of 1999
Kelley (Chadwick) Revak Class of 1993
Shannon (Honick) Huston   Class of 1999
Matt Faix Class of 2004
Gina Faix Class of 2004
Stephanie Cope Class of 2007
Brandon Dujmic Class of 2007
Melissa (Hursey) Grol 1999
Harold A. Fletcher       Class of 1966
Sharyn Hall Fletcher    Class of 1966
Barbara Hoinkes Badstibner     Class of 1966
David G. Badstibner, DDS       Class of 1965
Lisa A Johnston Taylor Class of 1976
Kimberly Couch - Class of 2008
Mike Brakeall - Class of 1986
Darlene (Kissell) Dickey  1989
Jason Mols - Class of 2008
Eric Knox Class of 1984
Jim G. Hillwig Jr. - Class of 1982
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Dawn M. Haroulakis  - Class of 1997
Staisey L. (Haroulakis) Zuzak - Class  of 1993
Alicia A. (Haroulakis) Sowa - Class  of 1990
Brian D. Slinskey - Class  of 1984
Norma Braun Gray - Class  of 1973