The McKeesport Area High School
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2020-2021 Student Leadership
Drum Major:        Austin "Doc" McGrew

Woodwind Captain: Alexa Krznaric

Brass Captains: Nya Green and Taylor Montalbano

Percussion Captain: Melissa Malackany
Marching Band Staff

Assistant Director

Colorguard Staff

Percussion Staff

Wind Staff

Drill Design
Drew DeCarlo

Ryan Raible

Naomi Fry
Kelley Larson
Kevin Chaplan

Nick Filotei
Keith Parton

Jesse Bush
Joe Diamond
Arias Fischer
Mike Rudick

Ryan Raible
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Marching Band
Disclaimer: Due to ongoing concerns regarding Covid-19, the
performance schedule is tentative and subject to change.
The McKeesport Area High School Tiger Marching Band Presents
Due to ongoing concerns regarding COVID-19, Tournament of Bands (TOB), the competitive circuit in which the McKeesport Tiger Band
competes, has cancelled all in-person shows for the 2020 season.  Bands may submit a video for feedback from judges, however no scores,
placements, or awards will be given.  The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Marching Band Association (PIMBA) has also cancelled the 2020 season
as have many other state associations plus Bands of America, a national circuit.  As of now the band is still performing at football games, plus
the McKeesport Salute to Santa parade and we plan to submit a video of our 2020 show to TOB for educational feedback.  Mr. DeCarlo and the
staff are looking for other performance opportunities as well.

Despite the loss of our 2020 competitive season, Mr. DeCarlo, Mr. Raible, and the staff are planning to continue the marching band season with
a modified rehearsal schedule.  Scroll down and click on the red box on the left labeled "
Marching Band" to access the new season schedule
(PDF format).

While competition is a large part of the marching band experience at McKeesport, it is not the only part.  First and foremost, marching band is
educational.  On the surface it may seem that students are learning how to play an instrument, spin a flag, toss a rifle, and march drill.  However
students are also learning valuable skills like work ethic, being part of a team, time management, leadership, and responsibility.  These
important skills can be taught through marching band regardless whether or not there are competitions in the fall.  Second, marching band
creates a valuable social group for its members.  Friendships formed through shared experiences in marching band last for many years if not a
lifetime.  Over the years students and alumni have told countless stories of what being in band and having that support network meant to them,
especially in difficult times.  Third marching band is an outdoor, physical activity that promotes an active lifestyle and physical fitness.  This
keeps our students mentally and physically healthy.  For these reasons and many more, the McKeesport Tiger Marching Band plans to continue
the 2020 season.
Home Varsity Football Games:  Family members of MASD football players, band, guard or
cheerleading organizations and visiting school football team family members are required to
follow instructions for digital ticketing. Digital ticketing will be the only method of entry.

Digital ticketing is password protected and the password will be given by the parent booster
clubs or visiting school’s athletic office.

The link for the ticketing site is
  • October 30th: Football at Home vs Belle Vernon
  • November 6th: Football Playoff 1
  • November 13th: Football Playoff 2
  • November 20th: Football Playoff 3